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Outsourcing for Collection Agencies

Connect International

Debt Collection Agencies/Debt Buyers

Many of our clients are licensed collection agencies or debt buyers. At Connect International, our operations are deeply rooted in the debt collection industry. In fact, our founders are recognized widely as experts in the field, and much of Connect International’s growth can be attributed to their understanding of the industry’s needs and adapting the service offerings for the benefit of our clients.

Connect International agents are trained in FDCPA, TCPA, and various other State and Federal regulations. When one of our agents is placed on a team, they have already passed our rigorous collections training program.

Most of the comments received from our collection agency customers are related to the skill level of our agents in the collection markets – whether they are third-party collections or first-party collections.

Agents are dedicated to your specific team, help to your work standards and measured to meet your goals. There are no minimum team size requirements. Scale your team up/down to meet your business needs. Connect International’s staffing option is unique with regards to our flexibility.

Our agents execute to your strategy. The team logs into their work queue, just like any of your on-shore agents, and join call campaigns and execute whatever strategy you set. Connect International is an extension of your current staff.

Healthcare Industry

The majority of our agents work on client projects related to the Healthcare Industry. The projects build on the foundation of patient customer service and billing related items. Within Connect International our project spans the entire revenue cycle process from large national healthcare corporations to small practitioner offices.

Connect International agents display the sensitivity required when discussing financial matters with medical patients. This is in addition to the very specific HIPAA rules the agents follow.

Despite being from either Nicaragua or Panama, the agents are adept at understanding the intricacies of the U.S. Healthcare system. This includes understanding the various market players, understanding insurance mechanics and being able to read an explanation of benefits. In some instances our agents become the content expert on behalf of our clients.
Aside from collecting a healthcare bill, either as a 3rd party or 1st party, our core competency lies in insurance follow-up, denial management, and billing. The agents are well trained and supported by a quality assurance staff to eliminate the number of reworked claims.

With certain client programs, our site is the exclusive location to work on credit balance resolution. This involves detailed analysis, knowledge of accounting, and the application of deductive reasoning.

Connect International is proud to be recognized by our clients as having the knowledge of this market to be trusted as a primary partner to support their business.

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