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What We Do

Connect International

Connect International offers premium services to support the accounts receivable management industry with our nearshore outsourcing solutions. Many of our projects support the call center needs of our customers, whether dealing with consumers, borrowers, patients, insurance companies or whatever is called upon to support our client objectives.

Connect International expertise and skills offers a wide range and include the following:

  • Consumer and commercial collections
  • Customer service and support on behalf of finance company’s dealer networks
  • Medical insurance denial management and claim resubmissions
  • Quality Assurance services whereby agents listen to calls which are scored against a preset criteria
  • Hiring and recruiting, including posting ads, pre-screening and hiring for our clients U.S. based needs across multiple job functions

This above list is not exhaustive and just a sample of the work we do to demonstrate the aptitude of our agents and the trust our customers have in Connect International

What Is Important to Connect International

Connect International has built our reputation on the strength of our management team and demonstrated results. Philosophically we will not bend on the following criteria:

  • Compliance: We train for perfect and manage to excellence.
  • Management: We want to take your plan and execute to achieve the desired result
  • Communication: Agents must have perfect English; Management must be clear in communications with our clients
  • Security: We don’t store your data; We don’t hold funds; We train for maximum compliance

Billing & Collections

Connect International’s operations are rooted in the debt collection industry, where our founders are widely recognized as experts. Connect International applies compliant work standards to address the collection markets, whether it is a third-party program to supplement the staffing in your office or a first-party project for a Fortune 500 company.

Customer Service & Support

Regardless of the industry you are in, providing the right touch-points is what keeps your customer happy. Most projects have an element of customer care, and Connect International’s agents have the right approach to work with customers, patients, borrowers or whoever your contact points are to provide the right experience. Whether the contact is in Spanish or English, the communication will be proper and professional everytime.

Quality Assurance

Your business is too valuable not to have a second set of eyes and ears on your staff. Connect International agents are trained to QA the work of your staff against your standards your office sets. The goal is to provide valuable insight to the work of your office which can be used for training, employee evaluations or to learn more about the details of your business. Connect International agents are adept to provide this level of service and take a process that is traditionally viewed as overhead, and turn it into a value-add proposition.

Human Resources

At Connect International, our outsourced human resources services offer businesses an excellent chance to economize department costs while still accessing stellar services. Our trained HR specialists can also help source local hires. We have experts in areas that include resume searches, phone screening, reference checks, and appointment setting. Let us help extend your reach into your local applicant pool by taking these time-consuming processes off your plate in a cost-effective manner.

Appointment Scheduling

By outsourcing appointment scheduling, companies can benefit from access to trained personnel to are experts in the area while saving on staffing costs and time. At Connect International, our agents are outgoing, friendly, and knowledgeable. If your business is looking for appointment scheduling staff, we can help with our staffing solutions at a fraction of the cost.

The Connect International Advantage

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