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Human Resources

Connect International

Outsourced Human Resources

Sourcing new hires, in any industry, is difficult and tedious, but yet it is the most important task an enterprise performs. Human capital is what drives our business to grow and reach new heights.

Connect International can help find qualified people for your U.S. office location from one of our Central American offices. Too good to be true?

Connect International has specialists trained to understand your needs, pre-screen resumes, conduct a verbal phone screen and works with your office to make sure the candidate stays in the hiring process through the first day they start.

In this challenging environment, taking this burden from your office can make the difference between success and failure. Try our Outsourced Human Resources personnel to help your business grow!

An HR (recruiter) would be assigned exclusively to your team, and perform tasks customized for your needs. Common tasks include:

  • Writing recruiting ad, posting them to common hiring sites (i.e. Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.) and monitoring the traffic
  • Screen resumes based on the criteria deemed most important.
  • Conduct initial phone screening, and then arrange for an appointment for an in-person interview (or whatever your next step happens to be)
  • Ensure the candidate moves through the process by keeping their apporints with background checks companies, drug screening companies, etc.
  • Help push out offer letters
  • Coordinate with your operations and training team for the start date

    Try Our Outsourced Human Resources

    Connect International HR personnel are trained to hire at all levels and disciplines of your organization; from Management down to a front line agent. Personnel in operations, accounting, IT, etc.,

    Don’t underestimate the value in expanding your HR team, with nearshore recruiting. The cost is reasonable, and the return is astronomical.

    If you’re ready to take the next step, give us a call today at (321) 419-8684 or send us an email at Let’s get started together.

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