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Customer Service & Support

Keep customers and attract future business with people-first customer service solutions

Billing & Collections

Extend your staff and reduce costs with qualified agents who understand the value of efficiency and accountability

Quality Assurance

Ensure the best possible service via Connect’s call monitoring, evaluation and improvement planning services

Why Connect International?

Connect International has spent years redefining the nature of outsourcing and staffing solutions. With a focus on financial services, we’ve arrived at people-first staffing services that reduce business costs while providing quality interactions. We strive to make Connect International an extension of our clients' offices.

Located in Nicaragua, Connect’s services have the nearshore benefits associated with our close proximity to the US while providing clients with cost savings often greater than those associated with traditional markets such as India or the Philippines (40 - 60% in most cases).

With the lowest turnover rate in the industry, Connect agents have more experience than the average BPO or Call Center in the markets we mainly serve - such as loan verification, debt collections and customer care. We also strive to maintain a low ratio of managers to agents allowing for more focused, personal oversight for our agents. Furthermore, this ratio enables us to train our agents effectively and efficiently using proven methods developed over the course of 10 years.

Say goodbye to turnover nightmares. Onboard up to 10 agents in just two weeks with Connect International. Contact us today!

The Nearshore Advantage

  • Natural, English Speaking Agents

    Most of our agents are bilingual having learned English and Spanish throughout their education. Many of them have also lived in the US at some point.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    Connect’s pricing is designed to provide cost savings exceeding 40%

  • Same Time Zone

    Our operations are located within the Mountain Time Zone half of the year(UTC-7) and the Central Time Zone the other half (UTC-6), providing an inherent convenience for US-based businesses.

Instant, Measurable Cost Reduction

Migrate from high variable cost to low and predictable fixed costs using Connect International

Resource Flexibility

Large pool of skilled Connect International agents

No long-term contract commitments

How it Works

From concept to execution, Connect’s services are tailored to integrate fluidly into your existing business operations - within 15-30 days. Here’s an overview of the process used to implement services and reduce your operational costs.

Project Initiation

Initial introduction call to assess your needs and explore opportunities.

Solution Development

After analyzing and evaluating the needs of your business, Connect will follow up, in a short amount of time, with solutions that work.


Connect will allocate agents and produce the start-up planning documents including GANTT charts and critical milestones.

*Site visits are optional as work is planned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your operations located?

Connect International’s resources are located in Managua, Nicaragua. Managua is in the Central Time Zone half the year, and in the Mountain Time Zone the other half of the year. The time zone proximity allows our staff to easily work with our U.S. based customers.

Is it hard to find agents who speak English?

Not at all. While Spanish is the official language, English is widely spoken, especially among our target workforce. In Managua, many of the high schools teach lessons in English. Additionally, a fair number of high school graduates go on to college to further their studies, which are conducted in English.

Additionally, many Nicaraguan citizens have lived in the United States, and have returned to Nicaragua to raise their families.

Is there a minimum number of agents required?

No. However, most of our customers start programs with 4-6 agents. This gives a nice replication of what you would see when starting a new group of collectors in your home office.

Are the agents qualified to work in our industry?

All of our potential candidates need to pass a drug-test and criminal background check prior to being considered for employment.

How are the agents qualified and trained?

Connect International has a training staff who train our new hires on collection laws and techniques. They use the ACA training material as the cornerstone of our training process.

How long does it take to begin using Connect services?

In most cases, our programs go from concept to start-up with in a 30 day period. This includes executing the required service agreements through the process of allocating agents and providing any necessary training before we begin.

How does Connect International charge for services?

Connect International charges a flat rate per month per agent. This includes the agent costs as well as the connection cost from our office in Managua to our customer’s phone switch or dialer. While a flat pricing plan is most popular, Connect is open to discuss other pricing options.

Test Drive an Agent

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Check out these sound clips from actual Connect agents.


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