Qualified Personnel to Help Your Bottom Line

Strategically positioned in the near-shore marketplace to manage your collection needs.

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Your Time Is Worth More

Strategically positioned in the near-shore marketplace to manage your collection needs.

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Why Connect?

Your time is worth more. Save time, increase cash flow and become more efficient by partnering with Connect International. Connect International agents perform to standards our customers expect at a savings of 40%.

Qualified individuals to help your bottom line. Connect International carefully screens our agents to meet our highest standards. Customers attest our agents begin contributing immediately to the success of the organization to which they support.


Instant & Measurable Value

Migrate from high variable cost to low and predictable fixed costs.

Resource Flexibility

Large pool of trained Connect International agents

No long-term contract commitments

    Hear an Agent

    Our employees have a firm affinity to the US culture and are fluent in both the Spanish and English languages.


    Collection Services

    When the workload is overwhelming or costs to high, there is no need to stack the odds against your team. At Connect International, we are the proven partner you need when cost-saving, efficiency, and accountability is needed. We know when partnering with a near shore collection service vendor, you expect not only immediate results, but at price that reduces overhead to increase your bottom line. Our track record speaks for itself. At a 40% savings to your business, we successfully extend your staff without giving up effectiveness or control to your overall goals.

    Quality Assurance

    Connect International is devoted to quality assurance by expecting nothing less than a highly trained team to provide the best service in the industry. We do this by constantly monitoring the calls made to and from our company. As we listen, grade, and score calls, we routinely highlight areas of improvement and develop a plan to better service our customers and yours. This training log is continuously updated and used as a manual for new service providers or a refresher for our seasoned employees. We are happy to say our recent improvements in call handling and services have launched us above competition.

    Appointment Setting & Verification

    “Not interested” is a waste of time and money to your business. Without the right leads, you are caught chasing revenue. Connect International’s verification process quickly identifies the right opportunities for your company. Our extensive research process locates the right leads and “prequalify” opportunities for your business, so you don’t lose money with those not interested. As CI secures the right prospect, we strategically stick with them throughout the process. We don’t stop when an appointment is set, we continuously guide the prospect in the right direction until there is a successful conclusion.

    Loan Verification & CIP Processing

    Consumer loan details need verification and this is a very time intensive procedure. Satisfying regulations of the loan process is easily handled by Connect International at an incredible cost savings to you. We handle everything from making calls, to answering calls for customer account inquiries, customer payments, credit applications, and customer verifications. It is our priority to make sure all dealer and customer questions are answered quickly and accurately. We assure you all loan documentations are reviewed correctly, and each step of the application process is carefully handled by a loan verification specialist. We handle it all, so you don't have to.

    Customer Support & Customer Service

    Extensive research into what makes your product or service better than your competitors is our first priority. Our team knows “great” customer services starts by building relationships with your clients. When the phone call ends, we make sure your customer leaves with a great impression of your business. We use the right persuasive words to make the sale, keep your customers, and attract future business. Our experienced customer service team knows the quickest way to gain respect is to earn it and to do this we simply provide “great” customer support for your team.

    Insurance Billing & Insurance Follow Up 

    Connect International has a team of experts ready to follow up and pursue unpaid insurance claims. We follow up on outstanding claims, with the knowledge of what it takes to successfully resubmit a claim for payment. CI has the most educated, accurate and motivated team of insurance billers in the business, and it shows with our past successes. Imagine what it would be like if CI handled your time-consuming tasks, such as filing claims, working unpaid claims, denials and filing appeals at a cost of less than your current staff.


    News & Information

    We just moved locations!

    We are happy to announce the new location of Connect International, LLC to a dedicated and expanded facility in the heart of Managua’s vibrant business district. The new… Read More


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